Remembering Vincent Broad

former resident of Cippenham and WW2 veteran.

Uncle Vin’s family moved up from Newport when he was a small boy and he lived his formative years in Salt Hill Way. As a teenager, he had a particular flair for science. He was called-up in December 1943 at age 18 and trained as a tank driver in the Coldstream Guards. We never found out very much about his time in the war as he couldn’t be drawn to talk about it. What I do know is that his unit crossed into France not long after D-Day and experienced action as they advanced through the country. He got to recognise the lingering scent of German cigarettes in recently abandoned buildings. He was at the Battle of the Bulge.

By 1945, Vin’s unit was inside Germany. His tank took a hit and caught fire. His commander helped him to get out but he was wounded and taken to a field hospital. The war ended shortly after and he was demobilised.

After the war, Vin got married and settled in Cippenham, living first in a caravan off Brook Path and then in a flat on Station Road (in the same block where Tummies now is). He worked as a technician at the St Helens Cable and Rubber Company on the Trading Estate. He moved to Buttermere Avenue in Priory and then to Cove in Hants. In middle-age he was made redundant, but used his severance to retrain as a science teacher. From when I could first remember him, he always puffed a pipe. A good-natured and kind man, he always looked for the funny side of things.

He passed away a while ago (1998), age 72 leaving a wife (who passed on earlier this year), son and two cherished grandchildren. As per his wish, he was cremated with his Coldstream Guards cap badge, quietly proud to have served his country as a Guardsman.

Fondly Remembered


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