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The strange tail of the Chalvey Stabmonk

Sabaziuos Mone

Few people today will have heard of the bizarre ‘Stabmonk’ ceremony that took place annually on Whit Monday in Chalvey where a plaster-cast effigy of a monkey was given a mock funeral and burial. The first printed reference to the

How Cippenham Court Farm became The Slough Dump

Prior to the 20th century, Cippenham was a quiet country village consisting of humble terraced cottages surrounded by some large farms. East of the centre was Cippenham Court Farm which is the only one from which buildings survive to the

The man who came back from the dead

Cippenham War Memorial

The war memorial in the centre of Cippenham carries the names of those from the village who fell during the First and Second World Wars. The inscribed list for the First World War contains 19 names, the last of which

The Hill Family of Cippenham in The Great War.

There are four members of the Hill family commemorated on the Cippenham war memorial. Dave Hill, who was born in Cippenham in 1943 and now lives in Cornwall, is of the same family. He kindly got in touch to share

Cippenham War Memorial 3D

Created from images taken 3 January 2017