Fire at Cippenham Court Farm in 1919

This article from The Evening Telegraph, Thursday, June 5, 1919


Cippenham Court Farm, which adjoins the Government motor transport depot at Slough, was the scene of a disastrous fire this morning. Seven oat ricks, four hay ricks, a large granary, a number of agricultural machines and waggons were destroyed before the fire brigades could subdue the flames.

Cippenham Court Farm, 1909/10. Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies D11/12/14

At this era in time, large  numbers of workers would have thronged in and out of the depot. Many would have used Wood Lane which passed through the farmyard. One carelessly discarded cigarette was probably all it took to heap further misfortune for what remained of this one great farm.

Read the story of the demise of the farm here



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