Magna Britannia by Lysons

Magna Britannia: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire by Samuel Lysons, 1813 has the following entries on Cippenham.


page 466

At the time of the Norman Survey there were only eight Buckinghamshire manors in the crown yet it appears there were at that time two royal palaces in this county At Brill which is mentioned in the Survey as a crown manor by the name of Brunhulle was a palace which is said to have belonged to the Mercian kings tradition assigns the same origin to Cippenham in Burnham It is certain that they were both the occasional residence of our monarchs of the Norman line so late as the reign of Henry III Cheynies anciently called Iselhampsted and Isenhampsted was a royal palace in the reign of King Edward I. Risborough mentioned in the Norman Survey as one of the crown manors is said to have been the palace of the Black Prince the vestiges of a castle are clearly to be seen in a field adjoining the church. Asheridge was for a while after the dissolution of monasteries a royal palace and was occasionally inhabited by Queen Elizabeth.

page 531

The manor of Cippenham in this parish was part of the ancient demesnes the crown and is said to have been a palace of the Mercian Kings it is certain was a royal palace at Cippenham so lately as the reign of Henry III who occasionally resided there as appears by the foundation charter of Burnham abbey which is dated thence it is probable that an ancient moated site near was the spot where the palace stood Edmund Earl of Cornwall who died 1300 was seised of the manor of Cippenham which in 1330 was granted to John of Eltham About this period it seems that there were two manors in Cippenham one of which was given to Burnham abbey, the other was granted 1339 to Sir John Molins and passed by female heirs to the families of Hungerford and Hastings it is probable that they were united after the dissolution of the abbey The manor of Cippenham which had long been in the family of Goodwyn Wooburn was purchased by the Duchess of Marlborough about the year 1742 and having passed by her bequest to her grandson John Spencer was sold by representative the present Earl Spencer to the late Mr Dupre it is now the property of his son James Dupré esq of Wilton Park The late learned Jacob Bryant esq had a seat at Cippenham.


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