Earliest photograph of Cippenham

This is probably the earliest photograph of Cippenham, taken at the village centre. The image was supplied by Slough Museum and their record states that it was from 1907. The view is along Lower Cippenham Lane with the pond to the right. The only surviving building is the cottage on the right.

The King’s Head is out of shot to the right. The current Barleycorn building wasn’t built until 1920, but at this time but there¬† would have been a beer-house of that name on the same spot. It would be around another 15¬† years before the Swan would be built.

There is what appears to be a public house sign in the distance. In fact, however, it is a sign for Chennalls the builders whose house and workshop was behind.

Further west and of sight is the Gardener’s cottages which was a public house (named The Jolly Gardener) prior to and during WW1.

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